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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  April 8, 2012 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is abc washington newsweekly. >> mike wallace' death came as a jolt to many. >> richard has a look back. >> i'm mike wallace. >> and everybody knew it. for as long as there has been television. >> the mike wallace interview -- >> there has been mike wallace and he turned the personal interview into his personal best. >> i'm asking the questions. rfer his intense questioning evoked honesty this from the
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secret service agent who was closest to president kennedy in dallas. >> if i had reacted a little bit quicker, i could have, i guess -- >> i take it to my grave. >> from malcolm x not long before he was assassinated. and this breathtaking irony from a pre-watergate richard nixon. wallace held his own and rubbed elbows with practically everyone. sometimes they elbowed back. mike wallace was born in 1918 in brookline, massachusetts. >> i was a pretty good kid. way an overachiever. >> best known for his 38 seasons on "60 minutes." and asked him if he was crazy.
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>> those are his words not mine, a lunatic. >> and brought barbara streisand to the brink of tears. >> you like to have people see me do this. >> mike wallace started as a pioneer and ended as an institution. >> and turning to politics now we are joined with politico. big talker in politics and of course the pennsylvania primary right around the corner and rick santorum is saying this is a chance for a comeback and even if he does win it's not a huge victory, right? >> it is his chance to pick up his home state and you expect the candidate to win his home state. romney and gingrich won theirs. right now he is neck and neck with mitt romney. it's hard to say that he will win it all and even if he does,
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it is hard to call it a huge victory. >> and what happens if he loses his home state? >> you know, that's sort of the question. ran santorum is saying i'm going to pick up momentum here but if he doesn't pick it up there, is that when we see him drop out i don't know. things will be dire for his campaign if he can't win his home state. and you know, there are a number of other primaries that day. so if he underperforms in his best chance state, you know that doesn't bode well for his campaign. >> certainly not. and g.o.p. super delegates those in favor of mitt romney are saying it's over and romney is going to be the nominee right? >> there are a number of delegates that can vote for whoever they want at the g.o.p. convention and romney has more of those committed to him than
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any other candidate and even the super delegates who aren't committed are saying this is it and the primary is over and need to move into the general election. things aren't looking for rick santorum. >> let's talk about that. quite a humorous "s.n.l." skit with romney failing to commit to voters. >> they hone in on the very thing that is hurting a candidate most and that is what it is for mitt romney. >> it resonated with a lot of people. i want to touch with newt gingrich and seems like he is softening his stance towards romney right now. >> gingrich at this point does not have the money or the infrastructure to continue a campaign. so if he is hanging on, he will
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have an ideas campaign or message campaign, but at this point, just not a lot of hope for him. >> and he is saying he is at peace with mitt romney, even though they have jabs back and forth they are ok with one another. >> he did spend -- his campaign and the super p.a.c. spent millions and millions of dollars and forced romney to spend millions of dollars that maybe he wouldn't have to otherwise spend. sure, like we are friends now, but sorry about the $25 million i made you drop to carry this campaign on months and months. >> the game of politics. laura, thanks for being here with us. >> former presidential candidate john edwards will stand trial. he is accused of using $1 million in donations to hide his
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then mistress. andrew young who claims he claimed helped hunter. jury selection gets under way in north carolina. the final design concepts for the national mall will be put on display. the national nation's top designers will reveal their vision. they are constitution gardens sullivan's theater and union scare square. the public can see those designs. the winning designs will be chosen next month. >> tomorrow is the annual easter egg roll at the white house. more than 30,000 people from across the country will take part in tomorrow's event that kicks off at 7:30 and will end just before 6:30 p.m. moore and whittaker are celebrity guests. >> still to come, charles
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manson's hearing what will be decided this week. >> historic d.c. theater is reopening soon and we'll give you a tour. >> a shocking video with new revelations about how a government agency is spending taxpayer dollars. >> and quiet and dry right now but change is on the way as we
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>> residents in sanford florida are waiting on charges. the grand jury will begin meeting on tuesday but many expect the special prosecutor to announce a addition on monday. zimmerman claims it was in self-defense. >> a parole hearing is scheduled for charles manson who was convicted in the early 1970's for nine murders including sharon tate. this could be his last. california law allows the denial of parole up to 15 years. >> tomorrow, the web site will release titanic records and public can search those records from monday through sunday. april 15, marks the 100th year since the sinking of titanic. >> the capitals have filled up hockey. the nationals are in new york monday through wednesday and come back home for the home
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opener against the cincinnati reds. and wizards the team plays monday at charlotte and come home on tuesday when magic come to town. and back home saturday against cleveland. >> fuel has been added to the fire by the spending of the general services administration. >> a new video was part of the entertainment at a las vegas conference that has led to a congressional investigation. we report on the scandal. >> it's the video going viral. >> every time we see rolling -- >> an employee joking about expensive spending to vehicles to ipads given to entry-level
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staff. it was the o.i.d. who issued the report exposing the spending at a 2010 conference in las vegas costing taxpayers $823,000. >> americans are suffering and g.s.a. were enjoying the good times. >> a mind reader was paid $3,200 and a rapper got an award about the video and made jokes. >> the hotel would like to talk to you about the party held in the commissioner's suite. and our chairwoman on the joe sight committee and has a couple of questions. >> republicans accuse the obama administration about knowing for months. >> this happened in 2010. these people should have been fired two years ago. the administration has known
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about this. and wept all the way up to the top. >> white house officials insist they didn't know pointing out that president obama demanded that top officials step down as soon as he learned about the conference. the g.s.a. has issued a statement about the conference. >> complete lack of judgment exhibited about the conference. >> and still ahead right here in washington, a historic d.c. theater is set to reopen its doors this week. >> we are back
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>> bracing ourselves for cooler temperatures. >> temperatures around 58 degrees. not going to be that bad and we'll make it through. looking outside, partly cloudy skies. temperatures for tonight will not be as cold as it has been the last couple of nights. 74 degrees. what a nice easter we had. 10 degrees above average for this date of the 93, the record set back in 1929. 60 at the airport. winds have settled down quite a bit out of the west,-northwest. next stop takes us to bethesda at 68 days. and george university, wind gusts today at 25 miles per
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hour. the winds have settled down right now and expected to pick up as we move through the early morning hours tomorrow. wind gusts up to 35 miles an hour. temperatures in the 50's to lower 60's across much of the area. frontal system to the north and west. this is our weather maker late tomorrow afternoon periods of rain and everything will clear out of here on tuesday. wider view shows a disturbance over the great lakes and this moves in our direction. behind it, high pressure and that will take a little while to arrive and look at impulses of energy on tuesday and wednesday and a few showers across the atlantic. this is our future cast, here's the rain over our region by 10:00 tomorrow night and as quickly as it arrives, as quickly as it will leave. our clouds will be with us on tuesday, but sunshine by the end
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of the afternoon. partly cloudy and cool and temperatures will be in the upper 30's. the district, southern maryland looking at temperatures mid to upper 40's. for the day tomorrow, increasing clouds. the wind will start to increase. sustained winds 15 to 25 with wind gusts up to 35 miles per hour. red flag warnings go into effect tomorrow. 67 to 72 degrees. daytime high temperatures eventually coming up here in the upper 50's. on tuesday and wednesday and thursday, even though it is a bit cool, only five degrees below the average for this date. by the weekend, a little bit of a warming trend on the way something to look forward to. but the best chances for the rain will come late tomorrow night, early tuesday morning and few showers. >> those numbers are conservative. >> yes i believe they will probably go up. and may and june, they will
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continue. >> good. and the humidity will come up, too. >> still to come, a historic d.c. theater that sat empty for decades will open its doors. >> the howard theater will [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $89.99 a month guaranteed for two years with a two-year agreement. act now and we'll add a special
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>> after a $29 million renovation, the theater is ready to be opened. >> we have a sneet peek. >> the howard theater is back,
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back to 1910 on the outside back to the future when you go inside and very soon, it will be back in business. >> they saw countless shows here over the years something she wasn't sure it would happen in her lifetime of the >> my mother bringing me to the theater as a little girl, the first show i saw was with lina horne. >> it allowed african-american fans and performer and was the anchor known as black broadway. >> there were movies and news and there was the show. >> 1968 riots brought about the end for the howard. the theater sat empty rotting away. >> we caught the theater in its last leg and the roof was about to cave in. >> now it's just the finishing
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touches on a $29 million renovation. there wasn't much that could be saved. the original roof, the outside walls rges the balconies and the pillars, the rest give yep a new feel and a kitchen added in the basement. >> we took a major gamble by saying we are going to convert this into a venue. >> 1910, the howard was built as a place for the people. generations later, it is poised to be just that. >> what i'm hoping for and praying for this will serve as a catalyst to bring the communities together. >> abc 7 news. >> chris reports that the theater saved the wall from you one of the old dressing rooms where the actors signed their names. we have a photo gallery at wj lmp >> looking forward to it.
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